What to Know About Wood Classics Teak Furniture

There many types of teak wood that you have to consider, the worst and the best

Teak is a tropical hardwood widely grown throughout the Southeast Asia, Africa and America with a scientific name, ‘tectonagrandis’. It is one of the best wood materials for outdoor furniture’s because its durability and buttery gold color will blend perfectly on your lawn outside.

Teak wood has a natural rubber and oil content that makes it weatherproof and resistant on liquids, rots and wood-eating insects. Thus, prolonging its life and value. This is also low in maintenance so if you have a busy schedule every day, you don’t have to worry in keeping it clean. But, the primary advantage of wood classics teak furniture is that, it is very stylish.

This embodies stability for all collections and casual elegance on its density. Its timeless quality gives it a superior value. Teak wood is becoming rare today because it needs 80 years to harvest it and be used for wooden furnitures making it pricey in the market. There many types of teak wood that you have to consider, the worst and the best. Sapwood is a type of teak wood that does not have the same high quality properties than the ones that are made from the heart of the tree. The natural oils of the trees are more abundant in their heart. Sapwood is on the outer layer of the teak wood. That is why it is less expensive than the heart teak wood.

There many types of teak wood that you have to consider, the worst and the bestYou can distinguish a real teak wood through its color, texture and odor. A wood classics teak furniture is medium brown and tends to be golden which darkens with age. It has an uneven texture to moderate natural luster. It has straight fibers and sometimes interlocked and wavy. Teak wood has a leather-like scent especially when it is freshly milled. Actually, teak wood is not just used for wood classics outdoor furnitures. This is also designed in building ships and sailboats.

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Due to the weathering process of teak wood, wood classics outdoor furniture becomes grayish in color depending on the amount of heat and rain water that it is exposed to. You may notice small cracks on its surface during this process but don’t panic because it is very natural. It is its way of adjusting on these elements by expanding and contracting. There will also be a discoloration that will occur during this process. But, it will eventually even out and a silver gray color will take on its surface.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain its golden brown color, you can apply teak cleaners on it. Then, apply a small amount of teak sealer to maintain its color. You can also use furniture covers to protect it if you’ll keep it when there is a storm or flood. Stubborn stains and scratches can also be removed by a fine sandpaper. Rub it through the affected surface carefully. This way, you can easily see if it is fading. In buying a wood classics outdoor furniture, ask if it is FSC-certified teak to ensure that it is made from an environmental friendly furniture dealers.

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