The Best Ways to Clean Plain Wood Furniture

Soapy Solution

Wood furniture that was not treated, plain or unsealed, behaves just like the fresh and unused board, absorbent and porous. Harmful and strong chemical cleansers are out of the question since they may cause damage or they may force the untreated wood furniture to discolor the material while it is absorbing the liquid. Natural cleaning tactics provide a safe and better option to humans and furniture alike.

Bust the Dirt

Dusting plain wood furniture typically keeps it looking at its best without causing harm to the wood. Without dusting, debris might become caked in the long run which makes it tougher and more complex to remove. You can make use of a soft cloth or feather duster in removing the dust regularly. The vacuum cleaner that comes with the upholstery brush accessory could also be utilized. Rub the soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush, makeup brush or artist’s brush in the crevices in order to eliminate trapped dust and dirt.

Soapy Solution

Soapy SolutionGoop takes place sometime like when there is a bit of sundae dropped into the arm of the untreated wood furniture like a wooden chair which can be not easy to remove. What you can do for it is to squirt one or two drops of natural dish washing soap combined with a pail of lukewarm water that will serve as the mild cleanser for unfinished and untreated wood. You may also dip a floppy cloth or a sponge in the solution then wring out almost all the liquid so that the cloth will just be damp.

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Wipe all the affected regions with a damp rag or cloth then wipe it for the second time using a moist cloth soaked in clean water. After that, wring it out by using a dry and soft cloth. Keep the wood dry throughout the process in order to avoid damage. When the dirty region is quite hard to clean, you can make use of soft-bristled brush that can help to rub the grime off. Natural dishwashing soaps are now available in those stores that are selling organic items.

Homemade Helper

White vinegar can be used to eliminate fingerprints, dirt and grime left on the plain wood furniture. You can mix one tablespoon of vinegar on the spray bottle that contain water and then squirt the dishwashing solution on the affected regions, removing a damp fabric. Wipe the cleansed region with dry and neat cloth after that so as to keep the wetness from soaking in the wood. A stronger and more powerful vinegar solution like 50/50 vinegar & water might be utilized for heavier cleansing.

Sticky Situations

Pine tree sap or chewing gum creates a clammy mess which might seem hard to eliminate from wood, without causing harm and damage to plain wood furniture. Place some ice cubes within the zippered sandwich bag and then set the bag across the affected region until the sap or gum hardens. You cautiously chip the hardened mass away by using a spatula or plastic knife.

These are the most effective tips to clean untreated wood furniture. You will find these very helpful.

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