Know the Most Popular Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

Most Popular Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

Hardwood bedroom furniture and hardwood bedroom sets are attractive, durable and classic. If you are planning to buy your own solid hardwood bedroom furniture, it is very important that you are familiar and aware about the different types of wood that you can choose from including prefab wood pieces, wood veneers, natural woos and solid wood.

No matter what kind of wood that you choose, there are other choices to change its appearance including new finishes that give a cheaper species of wood a more expensive appearance and look. There are countless species of trees with a number of subspecies all with unique appearances that set them apart. Here is a list of some of the most popular hardwood bedroom furniture and hardwood bedroom sets that you can use for your wooden furniture. Check these out:

  • Pine – According to some researches, there are a huge number of species of pine including white pine. It is a soft and durable wood. In addition to this, pine is considered as one of the least expensive types of wood, which makes for affordable wooden furniture.
  • Walnut – It is a popular wood for furniture. Walnut is hard and strong, making it more durable than other options. Walnut tends to be very heavy wood.
  • Maple – This is considered as another very durable and hard species of wood.
  • Cherry – This type of wood has been long cherished for its clear strength and grain.
  • Mahogany – This type of rare hardwood is not as wide available as it may seem. Most wood that is labeled as mahogany has only been finished to have a specific appearance.
  • Oak – This type of wood is considered as one of the most durable and strongest wood species. Aside from this, there are several subspecies of oak wood.
  • Reclaimed Wood – This type of wood has been recycled and can be from a number of species.
  • Bamboo – This type of wood is eco-friendly than others since it is harvested in such a way that allows the plant to continue to grow. It is light but strong.
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Grades, Grains and Colors

Most Popular Hardwood Bedroom FurnitureIt is a fact that all wood can come in a variety of colors but there are other factors that determine how strong it is and how much it costs.


Wood is graded by its grain and appearance. The higher the grade, the fewer imperfections such as holes or knots will be in the wood. The lower the grade, the more of these characteristics will be seen and the lower the cost of the furniture.


Wood grain is the pattern that you see in the cut of wood or its surface. In most types of wood, the grain is a straight or at least somewhat straight and vertical pattern. In some woods, there are more unique grain patterns.


Before a wood piece is sealed and finished, it may have natural color that can range from very pale or light to a stronger color such as a rusty brown or even a reddish color.

Now that you already know the most popular hardwood that you can use for your own hardwood bedroom sets, you can easily choose the best one to use.

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