How to Choose the Right Solid Wood Dining Room Table and Chairs?

How to Choose the Right Solid Wood Dining Room Table and Chairs?

Strength, durability and hard wearing qualities are some of the best characteristics you need to consider when choosing solid wood dining room furniture. But with various woods that can be used and various different designs available, you have to think things through so you can choose the right wood dinette sets for you.

In that sense, let me give you a bit of advice about solid wood dining table and chairs. With the following advice and tips, hope you can find the perfect solid wood dining room table and chairs for your dining room.

The first you need to decide is the number of seating that you want for your wood dinette sets. When deciding, bear in mind that there are some kinds of table that can be extended for more seats in special occasions. Also, the number of seats can be decided by your dining rooms size or by the size of your dining table.

Most people choose their solid wood dining room chairs to be six to eight, with two to four chairs in each side and then one at each end. But if you want it so, you can choose for larger ones. You can choose for a table of regular size, but you can also choose for tables that can be extended that you can use when seasonal occasions.

How to Choose the Right Solid Wood Dining Room Table and Chairs? Generally, there are two options when it comes to tables extended. You can either have your table with attached leaves which you can pull up when needed. Or it can be a table with leaves that can be added when it is needed. Older types of tables have extra leaves that can be added to add extra length while the modern ones have clever mechanism which can be used to extend the table as you wish.

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Apart from seating numbers, think about the shape of your table as well. It can be either round or rectangular table depending on what you prefer. Rectangular tables are much easier to extend for guests of large number. So if you want a solid wood dining table and chairs that are ideal for large guests, you can choose a rectangular shaped table.

Most manufacturers of solid wood dining table and chairs offers you options when it comes to the type of wood. However, that does not mean that you can’t choose a different maker for the table and different for the chairs as well. If you use the same wood the maker does not actually matter. There simply are instances that a customer likes the table but doesn’t the chairs that come with it.

In such cases, you can just keep looking until you find solid wood dining room chairs that you’ll be happy about. It always is worth your time to look for the best dining room furniture, especially if you’ll be spending money for your dining furniture. That being the case, you have to take time so you can choose for a long lasting, worthy solid wood dining table chairs.

Of course, apart from the wood you also have to pay attention to the construction of your dining furniture. They must be constructed using traditional jointing techniques and if you see metal or plastic connectors with the furniture, you can expect they are made of them to be cheap in price.

It is better as well if you would check under the table to see whether the joints are of mortise and tenon or if it dovetailed. Mortise and tenon as well as dovetail are traditional jointing techniques which greatly last for a longer time.

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Though you might think that the jointing method used is not really important, if the joints are cheap it may indicate that your furniture is not quality. You have to check the construction well so you can be sure that your solid wood dining table chairs will last for a longer time. If you want to be sure of the quality of the furniture, the first parts that you better look at are the joints.

Of all the things you have to consider, the last will the guarantee of the furniture. Make sure that you can get a lifetime of warranty for the furniture and that they are delivered properly. You have to make sure as well that your property is properly for damage before delivery.

That way, you can be sure that service is up to good standards. Your wood dining furniture is an important part of your dining room so you have to make sure the manufacturer is able to meet your needs.

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