Helpful Tips on how to Maintain and Preserve your Fine Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture Care

If you already purchased your own wooden furniture, it is very imperative to take good care of it. With proper basic care, you can be sure that your fine wood furniture can last for a long period of time and stay as beautiful and elegant as the day you bought it. Here, you will learn and know some of the helpful tips on taking proper care of your wooden furniture. Check these out:

Wood Furniture Care

Proper care of your fine wood furniture is vital especially if you want it to last for long time. Keeping it out of direct sunlight will keep the wood finish from fading out. It is a fact that many pieces of new wood furniture come with finishes that are resistant to sunlight but it is still possible for them to fade particularly if exposed to the sun for extended period of time. You may wish to close the blinds or drapes in rooms containing your wooden furniture during certain parts of the day to keep the direct sunlight off. Keeping your fine wood furniture dry is also important. Once your wood gets wet, it can cause the finish to fade or peel and can actually warp the wood. Don’t let them dry or you may end up with a permanent stain. Protecting the tops of fine wooden furniture is very important to prevent dings and scratches. Using tablecloth on your wooden furniture is a great idea especially if it is used often. Avoid using any type of cover that has a vinyl or rubber backing on it. These materials have chemicals in them that can ruin the wood finish.

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Wood Furniture Cleaning

Wood Furniture CareIf you want to maintain and preserve your fine wooden furniture, it is very important to dust your wood furniture to keep the surface bright and shiny. Use a soft cloth to keep from scratching the wood. Once your fine wooden furniture gets dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. If this does not work, try using water solution and mild soap on your cloth. Once done cleaning with soaply water, use a different cloth soaked in warm water to remove the extra soap residue. Dings and scratches can sometimes be removed with furniture products that can be purchased at furniture or hardware stores.


Wood Furniture Storage

It is a fact that wood is susceptible to damage from humidity. Damage can occur if your furniture is stored in a place with too much humidity or too little humidity. Basement are fairly damp, so if you plan on storing your wooden furniture in the basement, be sure to get a dehumidifier. It is also highly recommended to cover your furniture with cloths to prevent a build-up of dust.

The helpful tips on how to maintain and preserve your wooden furniture that is stated above will serve as your guide and key to have sturdy wooden furniture.

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