Discover the Different Types of Solid Wood Chairs

Discover the Different Types of Solid Wood Chairs

According to some researches, solid wood chairs are created to stand the test of time. Their classic look and elegance combined with tough structure makes them durable. In addition to this, it looks great against contemporary backdrop as they do against a shabby or rustic chic style. Just like a black dress, solid wood chairs are always in style and at the same time it is a great addition to any dining room. In the present time, there are various styles of solid wood chairs that are made of different types of wood. Once properly maintained, cleaned and polished, you can be sure that you will have sturdy wooden furniture that can last for generations.

Apart from this, they are also a great investment and provide a sturdy and excellent backdrop for most dining rooms. For those people who are planning to buy solid wood kitchen chairs, it is very important that you are aware and familiar about the different types of wood used to make this type of wooden furniture as well as the proper ways to preserve your wooden furniture. There are various types of wood that are usually used for making solid wood kitchen chairs. The traditional oak wood is the most common wood used in making this kind of wooden furniture.

On the other hand, there many newest types of wood such as mango and acacia that has increased in popularity over the last years. One of the most important criteria in selecting a wood is the appearance. Woods feature pore sizes, natural shade variations and variety of grain patterns. Homeowners and consumers who already have a wooden chair or table in their dining room often choose chairs that are made of wood to match their existing furniture.

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Solid Oak Wood

Discover the Different Types of Solid Wood ChairsAccording to some studies, the oak family is consists of 600 species. It is moderately priced and less expensive compared to rarer woods. Apart from this, oak wood is long lasting and durable. Oak wood is the best and classic choice for dining room since it has the ability to hold stains.

Solid Beech Wood

This type of wood is native to North America, Asia and Europe. Just like oak wood, solid beech wood is also long lasting and durable. One of the reasons for the popularity of beech wooden chairs is that the wood is considered hard-wearing. It simply means that it is resistant to surface scratches and has the ability to endure a great deal of pressure. Huge numbers of carpenters enjoy working with beech wood since it is considered a workable type of wood, making it a great choice for modern and intricate designs.

Solid Ash Wood

Ash is hard and heavy. This type of wood is closely related to olive and lilac and there are between 45-65 species of this tree plant. It is usually used for the development of bentwood chairs.

Solid wood kitchen chairs are creatively designed to endure the wear and tear of everyday use. There are lots of durable and beautiful types of wood that are used to make exceptional dining room chairs that you can choose from.

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