Cleaning Simple Wood Furniture Made Easy

Cleaning Simple Wood Furniture Made Easy

Does cleaning your furniture give you any difficulty? Maybe, you’re not doing it right. Remember that keeping your surroundings clean is very important. It will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses especially now that dengue fever is at its peak. Your surrounding does not only include the outside of your home but even the inside your house. Dust is your number one enemy when it comes to your house displays like figurines, picture frames, wall paintings and wood furnitures.

When it comes to your wood furnitures, cleaning them daily is a must because you usually have skin contact with them. Although they are just simple wood furnitures, keeping them clean will enhance their look. The first thing you should consider is to know its wood furniture finish so that you will be able to apply the right method on cleaning it. Otherwise, you may ruin the integrity of its finish.

To start, add a drop of dishwashing detergent on a cotton ball damped in a small amount of water. And then, wipe it on the inconspicuous surface of your wooden furniture as your test area. If it shows no effect on the color of your wooden furniture, then you can proceed on mixing the dishwashing detergent and water in a container. Use a sponge and damp it to your mixture and wipe it down to your wooden furniture. Do not let the liquid to get soaked on your wood for a very long time. Dry it quickly but thoroughly.

Cleaning Simple Wood Furniture Made EasyOnce you are satisfied with all your cleaning efforts, you can apply a furniture wax to protect your simple wood furniture from white spots, uneven marks and rings. Toothpaste can also help you do the trick. This is good in wiping out white spots and stains from your simple wooden furnitures. Put a bit of it on a clean cotton cloth or a fine steel wool. And then, rub it to the surface of the wooden furniture.  You can also use furniture oils, oil polishes and cleaners to make it more slippery and shiny. Frequent dusting of your simple wooden furnitures can also help in maintaining their cleanliness. You can use a classic feather duster made the ostrich’ feather and carefully land it to your wooden furniture surfaces to prevent scattering of the dust. Lamb’s-wool duster is also very convenient to use because its lanolin content can attract dusts. On the other hand, for fine wooden furnitures, treated cloths are recommended instead of using silicon sprays.

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These are just some of the easy ways on cleaning your simple wood furnitures that can help you save more time and effort. Almost all of the materials included here are available inside your home so you don’t have to spend money on professional maintenance cleaners just to clean them. Cleaning can also be fun when you have a helping hand. It may be a bonding activity for you and your family plus it will teach them on how to take care of something they have. Cleaning your wooden furnitures daily can also help in prolonging its use and in making money out of it in the future.

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