What is the Good and Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

What is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

There are many types of woods which can be used for furniture, but not all of them are ideal wood for outdoor furniture. It is just that not all woods are created equal in terms of outdoor performance. Although some of them have always been favored due to their natural beauty, there are just some woods that cannot stand the scorching heat and drenching sun.

Out of the hundreds of wood varieties, only a few of them are able and durable enough to actually withstand the harsh weathers of drenching rains and heat of the sun. For an outdoor piece of furniture to be able to withstand harsh weathers for the long term, it has to be made from wood with natural resistance to rot and infestation.

How Does Woods Resist Rotting?

What is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture?There are two different ways that wood work in order to resist rotting. One of which is through natural chemical compounds found in certain trees that can work and resist rotting of woods. Some woods containing such compounds and are able to drive bacteria, bugs, etc that aids decomposition are cypress, cedars, and redwood. Agents of decomposition find these chemical solutions to be offensive and so they look for their meals in other places instead.

Physical barriers, on the other hand, are what accounts as the second way that trees can resist rotting. One example of wood that have physical barrier is the white oak which have structures that fill the wood’s pores, prevent moisture and creatures that cause decay from getting in the wood. No matter what, whether it is through physical or chemical means, these two are able to have woods stand up to harsh elements for a long time.

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What is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

When choosing wood furniture, the question of what is the best wood for outdoor furniture begs some answer. The answer to this question is critical for when choosing the correct wood for outdoor furniture and is able to withstand harsh natural elements. In that case, here are some of types of woods that are considered to be best for outdoor furniture.

The Western Red cedars and Northern White are two types of woods native to North America known to be ideal for outdoor furniture. Traditionally, these woods are use for house siding as well as boat building. Because of their great durability, lightweight and real interesting grain pattern, both these woods are valued for outdoor use.

Aside from these two, Teal is also considered to be best wood for outdoor furniture. Teal is probably the best wood for outdoor furniture with the fact that it’s considered as the king of all durable woods. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions until the next generation. Some of its valued characteristics include being straight grained, dense and the ability to not crack or warp even after some time.

More so than that, it has high mineral content that can resist rotting even against the harshest weather conditions. With all these characteristics, there is no doubt that teal woods are perfect for furniture outdoor.

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