A Comprehensive Overview to Quality Wood Furniture

Types of Wood

Are you one of those people who want to buy quality wood furniture? If yes, it is very important that you are aware and familiar about the helpful tips that will greatly help you in buying quality solid wood furniture. In the recent year, there are huge numbers of companies that offer best wood furniture however it is very imperative that you choose the best company that you can trust and depend on. It is a fact that selecting for the best wood furniture is not an easy task at all since it usually requires intensive research, time, commitment, patience, dedication and effort to make sure that you will come up with excellent results you are expecting in just a short period of time. Today, there are wide ranges of choices that can meet and exceed all your furniture needs. If you are planning to buy quality wood furniture, it is highly recommended to choose for a company that offers first class quality wooden furniture.

Solid Wood

When you hear the term “solid wood”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to some researches, solid wood means that all exposed parts of furniture are made of solid board, either hardwood or softwood lumber. No particle boards and veneers are used. Once solid boards are utilized in furniture construction, they are glued together side by side along the edges. There are times that a number of boards are used to make the wood more stable and at the same time reduce the chance of warping. Most veneers are glued over the edges to look like solid wood, however they will always be faced on the end and show no end grain.Types of Wood

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It is a thin layer of wood that is applied in sheets over underlying layers of particle board, plywood and layers of wood.


It is made of thin layers of solid wood glued over each other with grains running at 90 degree angles to produce a tough core. A veneer is often glued on top.

Particle Board

It is made by gluing particles and chips of wood together and pressing them into sheets, upon which a veneer can be glued. You need to bear in mind that hardness is determined by the specific density of the wood, not b y whether a tree is classified as a softwood or hardwood. Hardwoods come from deciduous trees such as alder, oak and maple while softwoods come from conifers like fir, spruce and pine.

Quality wooden furniture has always been the top chosen material for making furniture. Here are some good reasons why most people opt to buy best wooden furniture.

  • Best quality wood comes in different hardness, grains and colors. It can be shaped and cut into large variety of eye-catching designs.
  • Best wooden furniture is durable and shock resistant. Nicks and scratches are easy to touch up.
  • Best quality wood has long lasting value. It is true that wood furniture may cost more in the beginning, but it often grows in value as it is handed down from one generation to another.

Types of Wood

Here, you will know and learn the types of wood that you should use in your home furniture. Check these out:

  • Alder – It is a hardwood from Pacific Northwest. This type of wood is very consistent in color and at the same time it takes stain well. In addition to this, alder ranks 3rd behind pine and oak as the most commonly used wood in the world. It gives the look of many fine hardwoods at an affordable price.
  • Ash – It is a light colored, even grained and softer hardwood. Ash accepts most stains well, but may need a coat or a sealer of mineral spirits to obtain an even stain. Non-penetrating stains work best on this wood.
  • Beech – It grows in Canada and Northeast. It is a colored-cream hardwood that is usually used for sporting equipment like baseball bats. This type of wood has an open grain pattern that is similar to oak. Beech takes stains well.
  • Maple – This type of wood is abundant in eastern U.S. It is a light-colored hardwood with even grain texture. According to some studies, eastern maples are harder than western maples due to its shorter growing seasons and colder winters. Both are durable and have the ability to take any color of stain.
  • Oak – It is an open grain hard wood that comes in white and red varieties. Red oak with pinkish cast is more popular while white oak has greenish cat. Both woods stain well in any color.
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The types of wood that are stated above are just one of the few most popular types of wood in the present time.

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